Bachhaus Eisenach

Museum der Neuen Bachgesellschaft e.V.


Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the Bachhaus remains closed until further notice. Our online shop remains open. Please stay safe and consider visiting us at a later date.


Welcome to the Bachhaus

Johann Sebastian Bach was born in Eisenach on 21 March 1685. He spent ten years of his childhood here, received his first music lessons and sang in the school choir and in the Church of St George. Throughout his life, he described himself as “Isenacus”.

In 1907, the Neue Bachgesellschaft (New Bach Society) opened the Bachhaus (Bach House) as the world’s first Bach Museum. It was instructed to “collect and preserve everything relating to Johann Sebastian Bach and his life’s work”.

Today, the Bachhaus is one of the largest musician’s museums in Germany. Every hour there is a short concert on five Baroque keyboard instruments. Installations such as the “Walkable Composition” make Bach’s music a complete experience.

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The Bachhaus including its garden is a cultural heritage site. Photo: Ulrich Kneise; photo at top: André Nestler.

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